Write a Song for Me! But What Kind of Song?

So you have made up your mind! ‘John & Andy – I want you to write a song for me! I have done my bit by telling you all about my loved one. Now, tell me what on earth is the difference between an acoustic song and a produced song. What exactly is a personalised music video and what style of music can you play? Good questions – here’s your answers.

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Choose your song style and Package!

Custom Acoustic Song – What’s That?

Every personalised song package starts the same way. We read what you have told us to get an idea of what exactly you are after. We call or email you if we need clarification. Then we think of the right style and melody and start putting the song together. We write with a guitar or a piano only. Then we turn your words into lyrics and sing a rough recording on our phone before starting to record properly. Once recorded, we send you your song and lyrics, you say “ah I love it”, we smile and make coffee (wine).

The acoustic style is similar to that of say Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson, Pete Murray. Beachy kind of music that bounces along nicely.

Write a Song for Me – But Produce It!

For a produced song, the writing style is similar but we always keep in mind that there are a lot more ingredients to come. With an acoustic song, think of it as a delicious muffin. With Produced – it’s more like a chocolate covered brownie! Produced is bigger. We bring in more layers and instruments. There is no set rule. It is whatever the song calls for. For example, if the song is for your first dance at a wedding, we might start off slow and acoustic, bring some bass in and then include drums for the chorus. Usually we keep it in house and record everything ourselves but sometimes, we need to enlist help for special requests like slide guitar, violin, etc.

write me a song with more instruments

Produced Songs include various instruments like drums, bass and more layers.

The produced song sounds more like the kind of songs you might hear on the radio (Coldplay, U2, Neil Young – depends on the style)

Write a Song for me…then Make it a Personalised Music Video?

Well what is it?! Best way to describe is by showing you an example below. Essentially we take your acoustic or produced song and create visuals to go with it. 99% of the time we need your help with this one. You need to send us photos (about 20-30) and/or short video clips if you have them. Using our editing tools, we synchronise the songs to the footage and photos so you can always have your own YouTube or private video. These are really fun to share and always create the best first impression. Check out this Polka Dot brides story from one of our previous customers played a custom music video we did for her husband to be. That face says everything!


What Style of Songs Can you Do?

We get requests from all over the world for songs of all sorts. ‘Write a song for me in the style of Bob Dylan, Write a song for me like the one Taylor Swift supposedly wrote about Ed Sheeran.’ We are pretty flexible in what we can do. We obviously can’t break any copywrite laws. However, the best thing to do if you have a special request is simply to email us first to ask romanceoutsourced@gmail.com

Personalised Gift

We always respond within the day and no question is too silly. This is an intimate personalised gift so it’s important we get it right! Any other common questions you have, just pop a comment below and we can update the blog.


John –  Personalised Song Writer


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