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John & Andy

Our Story

andy and john singing live on stage

The Early Years

John & Andy met in 2006 when John moved from the sunny shores of Dublin to Australia. At the time, both were pursuing adult jobs. Acting as bad influences on each other, we travelled South America with friends where we mastered the art of playing music together, and entertaining the locals, who didn’t understand a word of English in exchange for wine (vino).

After a stint in Banff, Canada – we parted ways and much to the relief of their respective mothers returned to semi-adult jobs – John as a travel writer in Canada and Andy in the movie industry in Adelaide. Just as the mother’s dreamed of mortgages and grandkids, John & Andy decided to move to London to join a band. Here we stayed for 2 years where the seeds of Romance Outsourced were planted and the idea of giving songs as gifts first came to mind.

The Formative Years

Signed to a boutique record label (this means you don’t get paid), the two were forced to take on many casual jobs to survive including as a Male nanny (Manny), Caterer and at $10 an hour, the best paid – Santa Claus in a Westfield Mall – unfortunately very seasonal work. When invited to friend’s weddings, birthdays, etc – the pair, too broke to afford proper presents, started writing songs as gifts. When word of mouth spread – friends of friends started requesting songs and a business was born. Word of mouth spread and we could hang up our Santa Suits!

John and Andy dressed as Santa Claus not giving songs as gifts
This is an image from our work with Jacob's Creek

Where We Are Now

Leaving behind the big lights of London (tiny local pubs) the two moved back to Australia, setup, appeared on Channel 9’s Today Show and never looked back. Since then we have written hundreds of songs for hundreds of happy customers and pride ourselves in our quality and customer service.

More Recently, we have thoroughly enjoyed working on longer projects with companies like Jacob’s Creek, Oreo and Bankwest to bring a little music and humour to the brands. We feel very privileged that we are able to write custom songs and solve problems for a living!

we write songs to give as gifts

What Do We Actually Do?

Romance Outsourced writes personalised custom songs as gifts for people for all occasions. We also work with companies to help create original content and advertising.

where did the name come from

Where did the name come from?

As you may have guessed, it was tongue in cheek. After a glass of wine or three, we were describing to friends the idea of writing songs as gifts. Although we write songs for all occasions – one friend threw the name out there – Romance Outsourced – and It stuck!

what we believe - songs as gifts - thumbs up

What we Believe

Everybody deserves their own song – without having to break the bank


we have performed on the today show several times
We have appeared in the daily mail after performing on the today show.
we have played custom songs on RTE TV recommended romance outsourced for valentines day gifts
we have appeared on TV3 in Ireland

There is nothing we love more than going live in front of a camera. We have sung our crafted songs many times on TV and still - mostly - haven’t forgotten the words!

Corporate Work

we have been in a social media ad for bankwest dancing with a giant squirrel
we have been in a social media ad for oreo
we have been in a social media ad for jacob's creek

Live Performances

We have created and performed songs for some very cool events, weddings, private parties, work farewells, pretty much everything. New challenges bring new creativity!

john writes the acoustic guitar custom songs

John McKiernan

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