Make an Impact with Your Speech

The bridesmaid’s speech is underrated. All the limelight goes to the best man and the father of the groom. This means there is a real chance to make an impact with yours. You can really show the bride how much she means to you in music. In my time writing custom songs with Romance Outsourced, we have had some really unique requests from bridesmaids for their speech so I thought I would share a few with you for inspiration!

In a nutshell, this is what we do! You tell us some bullet points about what you want to say in your speech and we will turn it into music. You can also choose your own style. You can simply arrange with the sound guy at the venue to play the song at your request. A good tip is to pass around a sheet with the lyrics. Between the laughter and some elderly relatives – some people might not hear the lyrics as well as others. Let everyone join in!

best bridesmaid speech

Make your bride proud! (photo taken by Waterfield Photographers)

Re-Write your Husband’s favourite Song

I’m kind of cheating here because this was a best man request for the groom! However, it was a fun one. The best man played piano and wanted to play a version of an Ed Sheeran song himself but using words that we supplied. He sent us a recording after and the laughter in the room was ridiculous!

Hire Someone to Sing Live

This one is dependent on your budget but there is an option for everyone. For starters, you would be surprised how affordable it can be to hire a well-known singer. Every year churns out another batch of X Factors and Idols. Check them out online and ask the question. I enquired for my own wedding (wife is a big X Factor fan) and was surprised to see I could afford it. Ended up going with a more advanced alcohol package in the end but was worth looking!

You can also hire someone like romance outsourced to write and sing a custom song for you. We perform live in Australia but there is always an option. Equally you can just pop up to a busker or singer in a pub and ask them to surprise your bestie by playing their favourite song. It’s these little things that make a big impact especially when there is no pressure on you for your speech.

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