Paul asked us to write and perform a custom song for his mum Jan’s 60th Birthday. Amongst the highlights he asked us to include are:

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Jan is a superb mum to 3 sons and cooks amazing meat pies

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A great golfer and newly keen cyclist of the Beaches!

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Great eye for design & maintains a garden bigger than the amazon.


Kerry asked us to write a song for her husband Beau who was turning 33. Some of the points she gave us to include the song are:

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He loves the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Some

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They’ve been together for 11 years

He proposed when she was in her pyjamas

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Beau yells at the TV when his football team are playing

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Happy Birthday Jane

Matt asked us to write a romantic, produced anniversary song about his wife including:

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Gerard’s wife for a long time!

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Jane is obsessed with organising sandwiches

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Jane had a surprise birthday party, so no sandwich organising

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Custom Music Videos

Happy Christmas to Wanted Shoes’ Staff

We had a lot of fun making this song! Lia sent us the best photos from her year working with her colleagues as well as lots of great info to create a custom song. She wanted something fun that everyone could sing-a-long to. Here’s the result.

Happy 90th Birthday Granny

For his mum’s surprise 90th birthday, Shay got together with his siblings and kids and sent us tons of old photos and great information about their matriarch. They played this music video to her at the party and she was dancing to it by the end of the night. Beautiful gift!