What Makes a Song Personal?

The hardest part about writing a song for a customer is trying to get that ‘gut feeling’ that the song is exactly what the customer wants. Some give more hints than others about what style they would like or what information is imperative to have in the chorus. Personalised Songs are exactly that – personal! If you want to write and record your own song – start at the start.

Fair enough -not everyone can sing and / or play guitar but with the power of modern technology – it is not even necessary. Over the years I have tried to record music with various different programs, computers, microphones and people. The best by far and simplest for the layperson is to use Garage Band. It is written for the MAC but you can also download a copy for Windows.

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Using Garageband as your Recording Software

The trick is to layer simple parts. This is how I write my piano pieces. I have no Chopin and I am not confident playing a full piano piece without making a mistake. So, I record one hand and then add another layer where I record what the other hand would do. Once that’s done you can embellish all you like.

You can layer simple beats that are included in the software to give that extra element. Truth be told – your first song will probably sound horrible but you quickly learn how to get the levels right and before you know it – you will be flying. Remember Mozart is considered a child genius but he didn’t actually write any original music of consequence until he was past his teenage years. It’s all about practice.

Song Lyrics – Poem to Music

With regards to the lyrics – everyone has their own technique. You can put the lyrics over music or just write a simple ‘poem’ which you can put to the music. Quite often we get asked whether we could turn someone’s poem into a song if they would rather steer away from the music – this is no problem. Depends on the poem and its structure, it can actually be more of a challenge for us to write the melody around it but it’s a fun challenge.

Pop us an email if you are looking to create your own song!

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