Romance Outsourced Custom Songs - How it Works
Acoustic Guitar Songs


Get Started on Your Personalized Gift by telling us what kind of song you would like: Acoustic, Produced or Video.

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You Fill Out the Info Form. We have some questions to help but feel free to tell us as much as you’d like. The more information you give, the better the custom song will be!

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We take your words and craft them into a unique, beautiful custom song like these sample songs.

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We send your song via email as an MP3 along with your lyrics sheet so you give your personalized gift immediately. If you want to make any changes ­no problem – no charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

An acoustic song means we pick up the guitar and record everything ourselves (acoustically). There is no bass, drums, etc. With a produced song – we add multiple instruments and layers of vocals to give your song a much more full feeling. Essentially it will sound closer to what you might hear on the radio. You can read more about what style of song you would like here.


No, not at all. We send our personalized songs via email so location is no barrier. We can also have it ready in 7 days if needed. For this reason, it is perfect for long distance lovers and expats sending gifts home to mum!


Via email as an MP3 for a standard order along with your lyrics sheet. If you have requested a Video – we will send you the link and a copy of the video. If you have requested a personalised CD/DVD – we will send it to you in the post.


Not in the slightest. When we started Romance Outsourced, that was the plan but since the origin we have actually been writing a real variety of songs from wedding anniversary songs to customized birthday songs, custom songs for kids with special needs and even funerals! It’s not for romance. It’s for love.


We send lyrics with every custom song and if you are going to be playing the song at a public function, we encourage you to print them out so everyone can sing along!


The best ways to do this are:
1) or Google Drive. Both are free and easy to use to send photos en masse.
2) Send a zipped file.
3) Or if you prefer the old fashioned way, you can simply email us all of the photos (may take a few emails because of file size).


Between 20-30 ideally. No more than 40 and no less than 12. JPEG is ideal but we can work with any quality!


Absolutely. We don’t just write songs for personalized gifts. We have written many a jingle, promo vid music, school song, TV performance and office party song. Check out our corporate work here or Just pop us a message.


The lyrics are yours but the rights of the melody, instrumentals and song in its entirety belongs to Romance Outsourced. You can show it to anyone you like and use it however you like but can’t use it to make money or for advertising, etc.


No. While we can make reference to an existing song – we can not use the same melody or style as their lawyers would sue the pants off us. Besides it’s far better to have your own unique song. We write everything from scratch with you in mind.
We can write the lyrics to a parody song for you to sing yourself however. For example, if you wanted to sing your wedding speech over an Ed Sheeran melody but with your own lyrics – we can help you out!