Gift Ideas for Expats to Send Home to Mum

I have been an Expat all of my adult life. Aside from my homeland of Ireland, I have lived in USA, UK, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Canada and now finally Australia. It has always been an adventure but the toughest part was sending gifts home. Regardless of my financial situation, I found it so hard to buy gifts. Taking into account how much it costs (not to mention the effort) to post something big, I always had to think digitally and out of the box. These are just a few great gift ideas for expats to send home to mum.

great gift ideas for expats to send home to mum

Me, my mum and my sister shortly before her 50th Birthday

Online Supermarket Shopping – Cheap and Practical Gift

This is one of the reasons I actually set up Romance Outsourced. It was my mum’s 50th birthday back in Ireland and I had already used my secret weapon. I did an online shop through Tesco ordering all of her favourite foods, chocolates and wine. They deliver it to the door, there is no crazy surcharge from a middle man. You can even leave a note for the delivery man to say ‘Happy Birthday’ when he delivers.

Now this is obviously a very practical gift, which is fine for a normal birthday, but this was a 50th! I needed something that I could send digitally that was thoughtful, wouldn’t break the bank and could also be ready within a week (I leave everything to the last minute!). So I wrote her a song and created a personalised music video.

How to Make Your Mum Cry!

All of my sisters (also expats) chipped in with funny facts about mum and I turned it into a song. Finally we gathered all the funny photos and short videos and created a personalised custom music video (like the one below). We got her to watch it as we all chimed in on skype from around the world and watched as she laughed and cried her way through it. It’s horrible not to be there for these big occasions but short of surprising her with a flight home, this was the best way to say I love you from afar. It also helps when the Tesco man drops 5 bottles of red wine straight after!

Custom Songs

Great gift ideas for expats are not easy to come by especially because we have to do it so often. Just search expat gift ideas on google and you will get vanilla results like ‘airplane pillow’ and ‘marmite’. If Tesco or personalised songs aren’t your thing, try websites like Etsy which are chock full of creative and unique gift ideas but keep in mind delivery can take a while. As ever, please feel free to add any ideas below or contact us if you have any questions about a song!

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