How a Company Called Romance Outsourced Started Writing Songs as Gifts for Special Needs Adults!

We are now moving into our third year of writing custom songs for people all over the world. As you can guess from the clever name(!), when we started Romance Outsourced – we thought we would be writing romantic songs. However, it has expanded in a really organic way. We have increasingly received a lot of orders from people who want a gift for relatives with special needs. For example: a brother with Down Syndrome, a son with Cerebral Palsy, a grandson with severe autism who loves music. Buying gifts for adults with special needs can be really tricky. This is a problem that Romance Outsourced can solve.

Custom Songs written for additional needs adults

We love writing songs for adults and kids with additional needs.

Writing and recording these songs has been extremely rewarding and we have a great website called HaveWheelChairwillTravel to thank for that. Initially they included us on a list of ideas for Christmas last year. Last month, we wrote a guest blog telling our story and showcasing one of the songs we had written. You can see the details of what info we had to write the song in the blog. You can listen to the song here Obviously it is a bit silly but that was the brief! Truth be told these are the most fun songs we write.

I am keeping this blog short and sweet as this is only the start of our journey in the Additional Needs community. However, please do include any comments below with ideas of other gifts for people searching! Also don’t hesitate in popping us a message.

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