Who are Romance Outsourced?

John writes most of the guitar parts for your custom songs as well as singing.


Before writing custom songs, John (nickname Dougal) started writing romantic guitar songs in Ireland in his teenage years with the false hope of getting women to like him and his oversized eyebrows! After two years in London playing in a band with Andy, he started writing songs as gifts for friend’s weddings and birthdays during tougher financial times and eventually started getting requests to write custom songs for friends of friends. His soft guitar, wit, innovative melodies and mastery of lyrics all contribute in crafting beautiful, personal songs. His oversized eyebrows remain.


Andy is a pianist, rapper & singer from Adelaide, Australia. Andy (nickname Frizzy) perfected the art of entertaining and singing to the masses while fronting the band Statues of Us in London.A brilliant writer and singer Andy’s great skill is his ability to interpret the information you give us to craft something really special. He is equally adept at providing a funny, fast, rhythmical song or a romantic, soulful piano melody.Aside from his musical skills, Andy is also a trained teacher, video editor and children’s entertainer!

Andy writes the rap parts of your custom songs and also plays guitar and piano.

What we stand for

5 star song writing service


The custom songs we write are of the highest quality. Customers come back months and years later saying how they still have the song on their Ipod and listen to it on the way to work. These songs stand the test of time.

thumbs up for communication


We love what we do. We take it seriously and pride ourselves on our customer service. We respond to every email and call promptly and in a most friendly manner.

all custom songs written with passion and love


We feel quite privileged that we get to write songs for a living. We don’t insert names into templated songs. We interpret your story and tell it through music in your own unique custom song.

We write songs for you for fair price

Fair Price

We truly believe that every single person deserves their own song. Our personalised songs cost as much as a disposable bunch of roses but last forever. Prices

What Have We Been Doing Lately?

Well we had some luck to start with when the Today Show brought us onto the television and allowed us to play a funny love song for the hosts just before Valentine’s Day. From there, we haven’t looked back. We have crafted hundreds of unique, personalised songs and have loved the feedback from customers and also the people receiving the song!

We got a huge amount of media and have also been working with businesses like Oreo, Jacob’s Creek and Bankwest on various campaigns which have been a lot of fun. There is nothing more enjoyable than getting behind the microphone or in front of a camera to play music, laugh and achieve a common goal!

Romance Outsourced on the Today Show