Personalised First Anniversary Gifts Ideas

I have always been a firm believer in investing time rather than money for gifts for my girlfriend / now wife. Perhaps this is down to my many years of being broke thus having no choice but personally I feel it shows more thought and love. When it comes to first anniversary gifts, many men and women struggle to find a way to remind their partner how much they love them. The traditional gift is a clock which says everything (an IPhone maybe?!). I hope these 6 first anniversary gift ideas help get the creative juices flowing.

Turn Your Wedding Vows into a Song / Music

The inspiration for this blog actually came from a customer who asked for us to turn her and her husband’s wedding vows into a song they could keep forever. We had actually written the custom song for their first dance a year previous so we added to the ‘album’ with a totally new song. She gave us the vows, we put it to music to create a personalised anniversary song. From there, she took it one step further…

romantic couple holding hands for anniversary

Don’t buy a clock for your first anniversary!

Turn Your First Dance Song into an LP

Did you know that sales of LPs are going up for the first time in decades? You simply can’t beat quality sound and I love Vinylify from the Netherlands who create personalised LPs. If, like me, you are a real music lover – this is be an amazing gift. It might just start a new LP collecting craze! This is the only thing on the list that can actually take a few weeks so make sure you are organised for this one.

Coordinates jewellery

I judge my romantic gift choices by the ‘ooooh’ I receive when handed over. Coordinate jewellery got a big ‘ooooh’ from my wife – not in a weird way! You give coordinates (longitude / latitude) that mean a lot to you and your partner and these are engraved onto jewellery. For a first anniversary gift, you could use the coordinates of the location you got married or your honeymoon or maybe where you popped the question. I got one for my then girlfriend when we were trying the long distance relationship malarkey. It has her coordinates on one side and mine on the other. We felt connected across the world.

coordinate jewellery makes great first anniversary gift ideas

What are the important coordinates in your relationship?

I actually thought I had invented this idea and was about to start a website until I did a bit of research and discovered there are a few companies that do it already. Bad news me, good news you!

Surprise Sickie from work

This was done for me a couple of years ago. Tuesday morning, 6:30am alarm goes off and I start walking for the shower only to notice girlfriend is not in bed. As I head into the living room, I notice  a few things. She has a bottle of champagne, picnic box and my casual clothes for the day all laid out. It was a surprise sickie. We left the house at the normal time but instead of going to our offices as normal, we went for a lazy breakfast, swim in the ocean, picnic on the beach and trip on a boat.

There was no particular occasion which made it all the better. This would make a great surprise for first anniversary gifts. More so if you did it the day before to make it more surprising! If you are more ethically minded, you can always call their boss to explain your intentions.

The Best Romantic Date a Girl Could Ask For

Recreating First Date

Recreating First Dates is something our resident writer Samantha has written extensively about here. I won’t bang on about it too much but there is nothing more romantic than a trip down memory lane. Recreate your first date. My first date was 2am, tequila shots and dance floor. Not so romantic but second date will do! Make it a bit more unique by leaving clues along the way.

Personalised Gin

This one is for Australia only but is most likely gettable from wherever you are reading. For the person who loves a good old gin and tonic, you simply can not go wrong with this gift. I discovered this at a tasting in Archie Rose in Sydney a few weeks ago. The tasting was $20 and the bottle itself was $80. Every time they take a sip, they will be thinking of you and you know how soppy people can get after a drink!
If you want to enquire about having a personalised song made for your first anniversary, you can check out the site or just pop us an email at

Happy Shopping!

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