The Ultimate List of Romantic Gift Ideas

The internet is full of lists for romantic gift ideas but they are all the same. Flowers, jewellery, etc This list is not one of them. It took a year to come up with these 33 unique romantic gift ideas, often experimenting on my wife, much to her joy! They are for men and women, they are generally on the cheap side of things with an average price of $30 because the most romantic gifts and gestures don’t cost much. These ideas are often personalised, always thoughtful and fun. No-one has paid me to be on this list (unfortunately!) though I did of course include custom song-writing 😉 I hope you are inspired for your own romantic gifts. 


33 romantic gift ideas - cheap, fun, personalised

1. Personalized Song from Romance Outsourced

Price – from $100

Simple concept. You answer some questions about your loved one and Romance Outsourced turn your words into a unique personalised song. As the songs are all sent digitally as an MP3, there is no post so it’s ideal for long distance lovers but really, it’s great for any occasion. Custom music videos and personalised CDs also provided.

2. Personalized Love Coupons

love coupon is a very romantic gift idea

What Barry White would have given if he wasn’t rich

Price – From $25

The word Coupon still has negative connotations but this is a great gift idea. Love Coups lets you create a personalized coupon book for your partner. You customize the characters in the book to look like yourselves even going so far as to change facial expressions and body postures for each coupon. All pages are perforated so you can rip them out and on the back of each page is a place to write the date the coupon was redeemed so there’s no cheeky attempts at seconds!

2. Notecube

Price – starting $50

NoteCube is run by an Australian brother and sister and the website is nicely put together. This business idea takes the letter-writing option to a new level. You create a personalised box of notes which you can give or send to your partner. The messages are presented in a beautiful box and on gorgeous paper so you only have to worry about the message itself. An old idea made new.

3. ‘Tactical’ Letters

Price – Free!

romantic love letters

This is a great idea for long distance lovers.

This gift idea takes a little more time but as is always the case – more effort means better gift and more kudos! The concept is quite simple. You write letters that have to be opened at certain times. For example – Open when bored, open when horny, open when angry. Another great gift option for long distance lovers.


5. Coordinates jewellery

Price – from $30 – whatever you want to pay

I have written once before about coordinates jewellery and I write about it again simply because of the kudos I received when I gave it. Essentially you put coordinates that are special to you onto a bracelet / necklace. This could be the coordinates of where you first met. If you are long distance lovers – you could put your coordinates on one side and theirs on the other. It’s a unique twist and price varies on how much you want to spend on the jewellery. I’m a cheapo so I got mine for $30 from Etsy!

6. Reserve Parking Space in the city

Price – Varies depending on location

This is one of the stranger gift ideas on this list but that’s what makes it romantic. Keep in mind this doesn’t need to be a parking space, it just needs to be a luxury solution to a problem for your partner. If they drive to work every day and always complain about the cost and difficulty of finding a space – this gift will win you all the brownie points in the world.

7. 52 things I love about you notebook / deck of cards

Price – Free or from $30

romantic book - custom gift

52 Things I love about You – easy!

You can go one of two ways with this. You may have noticed that there is 52 weeks in the year and also 52 cards in a deck. The premise here is that you find 52 things you love about your partner and give it to them. You can disfigure a set of cards yourself or just make a notebook! See inspiration here. 

8. Name a Star

Price $25

I must admit that I was very reluctant when considering this gift. Everybody knows that you don’t actually own the star, if you built a rocketship and laid your flag down on your star – a martian could kick you off easily enough. However, it is quite cute. My wife loves space. I bought her a star for $25, put it into a frame and then brought her to the observatory where we tried to find it through the telescope. It was a very romantic date!

9. Create a Collage of Photos to Create one Super Photo!

Price $15 +

If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine what a thousand pictures could do! I worked with an artist once who printed off thousands of photos from her honeymoon and combined them all to make one incredible modern art collage. I can’t draw stick figures but anybody can use a website. EasyMoza allows you to take your digital photos and turn them into a full mosaic. Hundreds, even thousands, of pictures make up one main photo. Very cool and only $15.

10. Romantic Pebble Art

romantic gift ideas - pebble art

A pebble can cause real ripples!

Price $20-$300

Much like me, this idea is simple & cute. Pebble Art is one of the many creative ideas that have popped up and become more popular with the introduction of Etsy. You can make it yourself, though it’s not as easy as it looks OR you can have an order custom made. Check out a few of the options on Etsy.

11. ‘You’re One in a Million’ poster

Price $10

Real love really is one in a million

No need to beat around the bush when telling your lover they are one in a million.


I love the simplicity of this message. We only have a certain amount of years on this beautiful earth and finding the one person who you want to share that journey with is difficult. Like one in a million difficult. This little poster at only $10 is a nice way of showing your appreciation of that fact visually.


12. Recording Studio Experience for 2

Price $100 +

A weird one I know especially if you can’t sing but I got inspiration for this one from the TV show – The Bachelor, of all things. The couple recorded a song together on the show (which was pretty terrible even after the auto tuning!). However, they clearly had such a fun time together and now have a song to keep and share forever. Alternatively you can always have Romance Outsourced write and record you a song based off your story! Easy Peasy.

13. Personalised Map ‘Here’s where you stole my heart’

personalised map makes great romantic gift

This is a great gift for anyone who met in a foreign land.

Price – From $40-$150

Similar premise to the coordinates jewellery but more visual. You can personalise it with messages like: ‘This is where you stole my heart’. It might be in the Pantheon in Athens, a bar in Mississippi or an office in Auckland. The fact that it’s nothing special to other people makes it all the more special for you. Check out a few ideas here.




14. Personalised Adult Novel

Price From $30

The first sexy gift on the list! It does exactly what it says on the tin. Make your own 50 Shades of Grey. It’s pretty graphic stuff so you better be confident your partner is open minded sexually! Check out PrezzyBox for inspiration.

15. Chilli and Bubbles Personalised Book of Love

From $20 

Personalised Fun, cute books make romantic gift ideas

This Personalized book is the kind of gift that you keep for years.

This is like a toned down, not so sexy version of the personalised Adult novel. Instead of sex scenes, you have 15 PG pages filled with cheeky one-liners and illustrations which sum up your relationship. Personalised and illustrated book of love. 



16. Balloon ride – But on the cheap

From $180

Groupon is always my go to when looking for gift experiences. I have no idea how some of the businesses actually turn a profit from groupon but it’s to the consumers advantage. One gift that is always popping up for anyone who lives near a big city is a balloon ride. It is one of the most romantic things you can do. It usually happens early in the morning and with a bit of luck you can be floating as the sun rises. Something everyone should do once in their life.

17. Personalized Watch

From $50

The popularity of watches have reduced in the last decade thanks to everyone using their phones to check the time but it still makes a great romantic gift idea. Have a watch engraved on the back with something like ‘every second I love you more’ or ‘I have the best time with you’. A cheeky little Dad joke pun can be romantic. Great for anniversary gift. Check out Pinterest for inspiration.

18. Personalised ‘Hand Writing’ Necklace

Price – from $30

Handwritten jewellery is a great anniversary or wedding gift

No-one has handwriting like you. Immortalise it!

I like this one. Much like a lot of options on this list, it combines something old with something new. We don’t write to each other very much any more. Our handwriting is only seen scribbled on post-it notes for the most part (or in hundreds of custom song journals for us!). There are lots of small, creative companies that do this. Best check Pinterest out to see what suits your needs and geography best.

19. Make a ‘Romantic’ Painting

Price – Free (apart from the price of losing your dignity)

I have done this one before and I paint like a blindfolded elephant. The result could be called modern art or it could be called the picture ramblings of a lunatic. Regardless, when my wife unwrapped the canvas from its over the top wrapping, I have never heard her laugh so much. It now sits proudly in our bathroom for whenever we need a giggle!

20. Give something up

Price – You’ll actually profit!

Quit smoking, get kudos, live longer. winner winner!

Quit smoking, get kudos, live longer. winner winner!

It’s almost impossible to give a truly selfless gift. However, is there something you do that your partner hates? For me, it was smoking. For our anniversary, I promised I would not smoke for one full month. One long, never ending, 31 day, cold turkey month. 2 years on and I haven’t smoked since! Now she’s probably stuck with me for a few more years!



21. Lessons / classes

Price – Varies

Many people speak often about how they wish they had learned an instrument. My wife was one of the many so for her birthday, I bought her piano lessons. I dropped her off at the apartment of a music student (I hoped) and an hour later she was buzzing. She had simply learned a few basic chord structures but it has broken down that invisible ‘too hard’ wall and she is loving the journey of learning now. I’m hoping to have her writing songs for Romance Outsourced in the next few years!

22. Have a Caricature Made

Caricatures make for great gifts

There’s something so funny and loveable about caricatures!

Price – from $25

If you haven’t used Fiverr before, it is basically a giant marketplace where ‘freelancers’ from around the world will do pretty much any job for you for 5 US dollars. If I’m being honest, it’s hit and miss with regards to the quality you get. However, one job that I have ordered several times with much success is the caricature. Although I have bought it for work colleagues and Christmas gifts previously – it works well as a romantic gift idea if you get the right photo. Very fun and cheap! Buy your own frame, wrap it up and you’ll get guaranteed impact.




23. Get a Retro sports jersey

Price – From $50

This was a gift bought for me by an ex many moons ago. It remains one of the few good memories! I am a huge Spurs fan but don’t like the idea of paying $100 to wear the modern jersey with casino advertising all over the front. My ex, however, bought me a 1960’s Spurs jersey which I wore daily with pride. It may not seem romantic but I’m difficult to buy for so it’s a winner in my books!

24. Ladybird Personalised Children’s Book

From $20

romantic gift ideas personalised books

Ruining childhood memories one page at a time!

If you are too young to know what a ladybird book is then skip on you lucky millennial you! For the rest of us who see Peter and Jane as childhood friends, this is a really fun gift for birthday or anniversary. In these tales, Peter and Jane are all grown up and faced with drinking problems!. You can personalise the books and it’s all quite affordable too.

25. Personalised notebooks

Price – from $10

This is from the same company but you can personalise a note pad with any name and message. This is great for the kind of people who used to enjoy getting their books ready before going back to school. Weirdos! Very fairly prices also.

26. Personalised chopping board

cheese board, not a cheesy gift

My wife takes the cheese knife and stabs the stick figure version of me. Does that count as romantic?

Price – from $40

This is not a cheesy gift. If you ever find yourself staring blankly at the wall and wondering what romantic gift to get your loved one. Think about their passions. Is it music? (if so, we can write a song for you), is it sport? My wife’s passion is cheese and lots of it. So of course, I got her a Personalised chopping board with a loving message on it and stick figure versions of us both. She enjoys taking the knife and stabbing my stick figure when I eat the last of the cheese. Win Win.

27. Transfer a Photo Onto a Slice of Wood

Price – from $50 

While we are on the topic of wood, sort of, this is a really cool gift idea. Did you even know you can transfer images onto wood? I didn’t but it’s time to branch out…sorry. This is one of the few romantic gift ideas on this list I haven’t yet purchased but unless your house gets invaded by woodworms – it looks like a winner. As ever, there are lots of ways of doing it yourself or you can buy it from Woodsnap. Send a loved up photo in, receive a woody image back. Snap.

28. Tattoo book on body parts

Price – from $12

Personally my wife would kill me if I got a tattoo other than the one I got as a lost bet many moons ago but what better way to show your love than designing a mutual tattoo. This book allows you to draw on body parts and colour to give you an idea of what it might look like. I’m sure there are more technological ways of designing tattoos but we have enough screens in our lives. Go old school!

29. Practical Romantic Gift Ideas Can Be a Winner Too

Price – from $25

water bottle that holds you cash and cards

Who says practical can’t be romantic?!

This is a gift for the gym junkies. My wife bought me this water bottle that can store your cash and bank cards for no occasion at all after I lost my 127th bank card while out running. Sometimes smart and practical means you are paying attention. Paying attention = romantic! She also may just be hinting that I need to lose weight. Either way I’m happy.


30. Personalised Never forget wooden keyring

Price $25 +

Sometimes romance means making sure you always crowbar thoughts of you into their day! A Personalised keyring does just that. Write a little message on a wooden keyring and everytime they go to unlock their front door, they’ll think of you!31


31. Personalised story book

saying I love you has never been easier

LoveBook is fun to make and fun to give. Great way to say I love you.

Price – from $50

This is the business I wish I had set up along with Romance Outsourced. Combining writing, reading and music – does it get any better?! This is a top notch idea and website. You create your own storybook, unlimited pages. You get to create your own characters to make them look like you and then get to list all the things you love about the person. As romantic gift ideas go, this is hard to beat.




32. Glass Book Holder

Price – $20

For some, a glass page weight for books seem dull as dishwater. But for those of us who love books and reading – this is about as cool a present as there is. It’s as simple as it sounds. A transparent cover that goes over your book so when you are reading at lunch or on a windy / rainy day – your pages stay down and clean. Amazing! Cheap too at $20.

33. Electricity Outage Party

Price – Free (in fact you’ll save on electricity!)

This one came to me during earth hour when you are encouraged to turn off all electricity for just one hour. My wife and I took the opportunity to indulge. All phones turned off, all sockets turned off. She had a bath, I lit candles and made a picnic in the living room. It seemed like the longest time since we had sat in silence without being interrupted by technology. I suppose it’s more of a date than a gift but you could create your own coupon for a date and give that as the gift. Full of ideas!


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