This is my first blog post in almost a year. Aside from writing custom songs, I also work full time for a startup in Sydney. In general, I live a pretty active life. I play and lose football every week, enjoy a few drinks and read voraciously. Romance Outsourced could take up a lot of time but I never really considered it work. I am incredibly grateful that people hand over hard-earned money in return for the songs we write. It was a creative outlet which I always found time for…until I had a child! 

My first child was born 7 months ago on a warm summers evening. My wife had had a fairly straightforward labour (says the man) and after 2 days, we brought Chloe home. And that’s pretty much the last thing I remember. I went to work, I received song orders and I shipped them but that’s it. I am the first to admit that I was naive going into fatherhood. I thought ‘I will be home more and socialising less so I can focus more time on Romance Outsourced’. Emm no. 

personalised song baby sleep

Chloe wasn’t even necessarily a bad baby (sleep wise, not evil wise), she was just a normal baby. That means she woke up constantly. You may have finally drifted into the world of dreams when somewhere in the far corners of your mind – a scream would invade your peace. It was actual torture! It’s even worse because you love the torturer so much. It’s like Stockholm Syndrome (except not in Sweden). 

Any spare time we had was used cleaning the perennially filthy house or taking the baby so the partner could catch 30 minutes sleep. When you did actually have an hour, where previously I would have flipped the laptop open to work, you are just too brain dead to comprehend the opportunity. I was struggling just to keep myself going in my day job. Working in a tech startup is great when you are ‘on’. You are surrounded by A players which makes you push yourself. When you are not ‘on’ which was often – I struggled immensely to make an impact.

7 months have passed and Chloe is cuter than ever. Better again, she is only waking up once a night! So I finally find my brain returning to me. There is lots to do. The website is ridiculously slow, sometimes the payment doesn’t go through properly which makes me look dodgy! I haven’t posted on social media in months. Last week as Andy and I played at the Police Credit Union gig in Adelaide, I was asked for a business card from another potential customer and realised – I didn’t even have my wallet! 

There is no time like the present so we will start to take on more songs again and finally fix the website. Maybe Chloe can even contribute!

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