Content Marketing – Why Music is the Answer

Content marketing, experiential marketing – whatever you want to call it has never been more important. In the past 3 years, we have been working more and more with businesses and brands to help them speak to their tribe. The 10 points below are all snippets of advice but also real case studies about how other brands have successfully used music, Romance Outsourced and custom songs to lead the way.

1. Interactive Social Media Campaign – OREO Case Study

We helped Oreo speak to their audience by asking them to write wonder filled custom songs with us.

We helped Oreo speak to their audience by asking them to write wonder filled custom songs with us.

As any good brand knows these days, you don’t interrupt people with advertising – you produce fun, engaging and shareable content. Oreo do this fantastically. We worked with Oreo and The Story Lab marketing company on their #Wonderfilled campaign. The concept was pretty simple. Fans and customers would write in on Facebook or enter the competition with a little bit of information about what would happen if they gave an Oreo to someone in a world of imagination. We turned each winning entry into a song. Professional singers including Andy and I recorded each song in studio. Finally the song went to an animation team who produced amazing animations. This really brought the original idea to life. We gave it to the person who originally entered and they shared it like wildfire!


2. Liven up a Pitch or Presentation

This is one of the things that we get hired most for. The days of turgid PowerPoint Presentations are almost at an end. When you are pitching for business, you are up against countless other businesses and services. There is nothing more targeted than a song written especially for the client. We can time your presentation around the song so you can sit back, watch the laughter and get down to the serious business after. We did this most recently for CBA Bank. The topic of all things was ‘Risk Management’. We had a lot of fun turning pretty dull information into a very fun song and the feedback we received was that the boardroom was in uproars.

3. Live Experiential Marketing – Jacob’s Creek

To be honest, we only learned the phrase Experiential Marketing a few months ago! We just nodded and smiled when the client discussed it and quickly went home to Wikipedia to check what the hell they were talking about! Little did we know, we had been doing this for years. One great example was the work we did with Jacob’s Creek and their new wine brand Twin Pickings. The campaign was called #Bettertogether. The concept was that one friend would tag another on social media sharing their story. These comments would come in live and Andy and I had 15 minutes to turn it into a song, which we recorded on film and sent straight back to the fan.

We had set up a studio in Sydney, Australia and the result was the most fun 2 weeks of work we ever did. The campaign was a huge success. You can check out the video below to see the results and ROI.

4. Internal Team Building

We were the last part in a corporate jigsaw puzzle when CityJet asked us to write a song mentioning all the team members involved in a big project. They had a huge launch day and essentially everybody became a co-songwriter. Even though they are based in Ireland and Romance Outsourced in Sydney, we were still able to work with the team to create something completely unique. It became the main talking point of the launch!

5. Celebrate a Milestone through Song

I have worked probably over a 100 jobs in my short time on earth and one thing remains constant. Your staff is your greatest asset. When working towards a big milestone, everyone puts in the extra miles, works harder and sacrifices something for the company. It is important not just to recognise them for this but also to celebrate a job well done. BankWest and Host Sydney Marketing hired Romance Outsourced to do just that.

To celebrate reaching the 50,000 fan mark on Facebook – they hired us to write a custom song and to shoot a video to go with it. Again, as ever we put the fans at the forefront. They wrote in via social media and emails with lyrics they would like to include in the song. They also helped us try to rhyme the word ‘orange’ which is Bankwest’s brand colour! Once the song was written, we had a lot of fun with the video, dancing with a giant squirrel and causing a ruckus in a Sydney Westfield. The end result was viewed hundreds of thousands of times for minimal investment.

6. Launch new Business or Branches

We live in a world of niche products and services so it’s more important than ever that your brand has a personality and a clear message both to customers and staff. Only last week, we played at a launch for a big publishing and media company (I can’t name names as they don’t publicly announce until next year). They were launching 5 new branches into the business and wanted to do two things. One – spread the message that, though there are more branches, they work better as a unit. Two –  simply add some fun to a presentation laden with information and technical terms. Amongst the songs we performed to 600 people were a reggae version of a song called Analytics and Insights and a country and western take off of ‘Business Development and Communication!’

7. Advertising & Jingles

This is where we started out actually. Truth be told there are lots of decent options for jingles in places like Fiverr but in my experience, they don’t communicate very well and you end up with a half cooked song. No-body knows your business and wants as much as you. We have done this for numerous companies including Pergoni Shoes and 98fm Radio show in Dublin, Ireland. These jingles can go over a YouTube video, in front of a Podcast, corporate video – anything really.

8. Office Gifts

It was always my dream to be in a singing barbershop quartet with the striped shirts. It didn’t quite happen but we did at least get to sing in offices as a pair! Custom songs make for the perfect gift for the office especially for a big occasion like a 40th birthday or if someone is leaving the company. We have recorded numerous songs for offices and also performed live in offices in Australia. Usually it’s for the boss so it’s always fun for the staff when we light-heartedly use the info provided to have some fun with them! Contact us about this if it sounds close to what you are looking for.

9. TV & Radio

Romance Outsourced were only one week old when we were invited onto the Today Show to perform live for the hosts. We hadn’t really expected to be performing to millions but we had plenty of practice from playing in a band together for years so it all came naturally. Since that first performance, we have been invited back several times and played on TV and Radio all around the world. Simply put – it is just fun, warm and friendly footage that brightens up people’s morning. We love what we do and this comes across on TV and in the media. You can check out some of our other media here.

10. Digital Video Cards & Invitations

This is a bit of a niche one. The best way to describe it is through a true story. Lia is the National Manager for Wanted Shoes, Australia. She technically manages about 200 people around the country. Always grateful for their hard work, she wanted to thank them personally at Christmas. Australia is about the size of Mars so it’s not feasible to get everyone together in one room. Instead she gave us info about the highlights of the year and photos of everyone. We turned it into a digital thankyou card and karaoke song, which she shared as a YouTube clip with everyone. The video (below) was an absolute winner and staff morale stayed as high as ever.


Please feel free to leave any comments below if there are any other options you can think of. Or just pop us a message at to let us know what you are planning. We are full of great ideas waiting to grow!



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